Tomales Regional History Center Relaunches on Our Old Domain

We are back on our original domain! Over 10 years ago we held this domain name until it was expired and we could not recapture it. However today marks the first time we have recaptured this domain (well it’s been a while since we’ve been putting the website together) – that we can say confidently that Tomales Regional History Center is back online.

As part of this news you can rest assured and know that we will be available on this domain for any information that you require. If you have any bookmarks on the previous domain please make sure to put those over to the new domain.

Finally we will go over what we do – if you have not heard of the Tomales Regional History Center before.

Our regional history center began in 1978 – and was inspired by two events – the PTA Founder’s Day as well as research conducted by two eight grade students on early local schools.

The building we occupy was created in 1921 – and used to be the old Tomales High School.

In 1977 – unfortunately the main building was destroyed for the high school – however luckily the auditorium was restored by the History Center.

The interior of the building is little changed – and you can come and see the history of this building along with the great exhibitions we have at the museum.

What are you waiting for?

We have exhbitis ranging from the time before the pioneers of Tomales, the actual pioneers time, the story of tomales, the agriculture and many more.

Please make sure to contact us in the Contact page if you would like to make a private booking of the museum for a group.

Thanks to Team Building Made Easy we have been able to organise our team and we would like to say a big thanks for setting up our team and creating a sense of cohesion in our workplace. We look forward to working with you in the future!

Also – for the next month we are offering all visitors a special for Bare Brush bamboo toothbrushes – so make sure to pick one up when you get a chance and you’re in town!